Current conditions for Magpie Hill

(Figures in parentheses indicate hourly change)


 11.7°C (-1.7)

 Dew Point:

 6.2°C (0.2)

 Wind Chill:

 11.7°C (-1.7)

 Wind Speed:

 3 km/h (0)

 Wind Direction:



 1015.0 hPa (0.4)


 0.0 mm/h (0.0)

 Current Conditions:

 Heavy Clouds

 Time Of Sample (local):

 23 May 2019 21:48

Graphs for Magpie Hill


Current View of Magpie Hill

Data for Magpie Hill PWS Location: Gross, Einsiedeln, Switzerland, Altitude: 908m, Location: 47.119 N, 8.772 E. Webcam view SE toward Sihlsee (889m) and Schwyzer Alps (2092m). Weather Instrument WS1080, Software on Mac: Weathercat 2.31, Camera Canon A510, Software gphoto2, Wunderground PWS ID icantono2, WeatherCloud


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